Use cases

The idea behind our software was created and is constantly growing based on the requirements of everyday lab work and based on our experience as experimental scientists. We are developing our software in close collaboration with researchers and groups at the Helmholtz – Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and other institutes.

We consider evaluation and testing in real working environments as well as direct feedback from scientists as most valuable for the quality of our products. Therefore, all our software is transferred to the lab as soon as possible and tested in real experimental scenarios.

Our growing library of device drivers covers various models from different manufacturers that are constantly used in different labs. We already offer a wide range of devices (microwave signal generators, nanovoltmeters, electrical sourcemeters, function generators, power supplies, Gaussmeters, lock-in amplifiers, microwave spectrum analyzers, (nano-) positioning systems, image acquisition, general analog-digital IO, time-of-flight analyzers, spectrometers …) and will provide specific driver modules on short notice.

Our software is used to control the following experiments and devices on a daily basis:

(time-resolved) magneto-optical Kerr effect

electromagnet, analog-digital IO, lock-in amplifier, delay stage, microwave signal generator, spectrum analyzer

Ferromagnetic Resonance

electromagnet, microwave signal generator, lock-in amplifier

Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy

electromagnet, microwave signal generator, electrical sourcemeter, tandem Fabry-Pérot interferometer, time-of-flight analyzer

optical scanning microscopy

nanopositioning systems, image acquisition and position stabilization via image processing for different detection methods