We offer you one operating system for all your devices in all your experimental scenarios. thaTEC:OS has a modular architecture which consists of

- core functionalities centralized in one user interface and

- device-specific functionalities provided by thaTEC:driver modules.

This architecture allows you to

- combine available hardware functionalities in any experimental scenario

- extend your lab by new devices at any time.

Our products offer you highest flexibility to do whatever is possible with your laboratory infrastructure!

remote control from a central GUI

Control all your devices from a central and unified user interface! Acquire, store and visualize all your data coherently at one central spot!

process automation

Automatize your measurements and processes instantly via drag-and-drop. Define cross-device processes, reuse or adjust previous experimental scenarios in a few moments - no programming needed!

fully extendable

thaTEC:OS is not a software for the automation of a specific scenario – it is a general solution to accompany you with all your scientific ideas! You purchased a new device or want to add or substitute equipment in an existing setup? thaTEC:OS grows with your tasks - just plug and play!

visualization and evaluation

Overwhelmed by data sets from different devices scattered across your laboratory? thaTEC:OS is your central reference point. While you focus on the analysis, thaTEC:OS manages the details!

minimal training efforts

Use thaTEC:OS with the same look-and-feel for all your setups and experiments without programming skills. Learn at one machine, operate them all!

long-term solution

Science is a dynamic field with tremendous staff fluctuation. This drain of know-how complicates software development and maintenance. Contact us, if you are looking for a comprehensive long-term solution for your laboratory!