Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy - TFPDAS

THATec Innovation has taken over maintenance and further development of the tandem Fabry-Pérot data acquisition system – TFPDAS. TFPDAS is a standard tool for Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy and has been used for years in labs all over the world.

We upgraded TFPDAS to a new level by combining it with thaTEC:OS. Extend your spectroscopic measurements by simultaneous detection methods and the utilitzation of any other peripheral devices – there are no limits with thaTEC:OS

Brillouin light scattering microscopy

You want to investigate magnonic and phononic phenomena on the microscale? We offer you software and hardware solutions to make it happen! Our thaTEC:dirver module for microscopy enables image acquistion and processing as well as positioning and long-time stabilisation on the nanoscale – just what you need for scanning microscopy!

You can profit from our longstanding experience in BLS microscopy. Do you need assistance for planning, constructing, and aligning your setup? We offer you support starting from the purchasing process to your first measurement. We provide the mechanical system to mount your optics as well as a sample holder to connect electrical circuitry via high-frequency and dc probes.

You want to know more? Let's take a look on our recent review:

Looking for general solutions for optical (scanning) microscopy?

With thaTEC:OS our know-how in scanning microscopy can be easily transferred to alternative detection methods like Raman scattering. Contact us to discuss your use case!